Get your AcyMailing license API Key and attach it to your website

Attach your website with your license key

Attaching your website to your license key is very simple. Click on the link Get my license key! link and be redirected to our website on your account page:

Once you're here:

  1. Copy the license key of the version you've downloaded

  2. Go back to the AcyMailing configuration

  3. Paste it in the input text

  4. Hit the button Attach my license

Well done your license is attached now!

Activate the automatic send process

Now that your website is attached you're just one step away from sending automatically your beautiful campaigns! Simply click on the button Activate it:

To unlink your license from your website you have two solutions: in your AcyMailing configuration or on our website.

In AcyMailing configuration

Just click on the button Unlink my license:

In your account on our website

Go to the menu Licenses on your account and click on link unlink on the right of the url you want to unlink:

Note that it's always better to do it directly from your website, this way your AcyMailing configuration stays correct.

Daily tasks

Some actions can be triggered once a day in the automations or in the automatic campaigns. You can set here at which hour these actions will be checked and executed.


SSL Certificate error

When you try to attach your license you may have this error:

SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

This means that the certificate option in your php.ini is not well set. You need to contact your hosting and ask them to configure it. Here is a StackOverflow thread that could help you:

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