RSS and Atom feeds

This add-on enables you to insert content from an RSS or Atom feed link directly into the emails you send.

This add-on is available with the Essential version.

Insert content in your emails

This plugin will add the following option in the AcyMailing editor, just drag&drop this new block type into the email you are building:

Main options

  • URL: You'll have to paste your RSS/Atom feed link here.

  • Fields to display:

    • Title: The title of the RSS item/Atom entry

    • Image: This refers to the <enclosure> part of the elements. The supported types are jpg, jpeg, png and gif

    • Description: This is the description/content field of the elements

    • Author: If the authors are specified on the elements, they will be displayed after the description

    • Publishing date: The main date format will be used to display the date, using the timezone defined on your website

  • Display pictures: This option will only hide the images included in the description part of the elements if you select "No", as you can independently select the main image in the "Fields to display" option

Other options

  • Clickable title: Choose if you want the title to be clickable or not, it will use the link defined in the element

  • Clickable image: Choose if you want the main image to be clickable or not, it will use the link defined in the element

  • Truncate the text: This will only cut the description, it isn't active on the other displayed parts

  • Min. publishing date: You can make sure only elements published after the specified date are inserted in your email

  • Columns: If you insert multiple elements at once, you can display for example 2 elements on each row with this option

  • Column horizontal padding: Allows you to adjust the horizontal padding between 2 columns

  • Column vertical padding: Allows you to adjust the vertical padding between 2 columns

  • Max. number of elements: The number of elements you insert in your email

These options are only visible when editing an automatic campaign.

  • Only newly created: This option makes sure that the same elements aren't sent twice to your receivers. It is based on the publishing date.

  • Min. number of elements: If the number of elements found in your feed is lower than the number you specify, the email won't be sent. This is only useful when using the "Automatic" option in the "Send settings" tab of a campaign.


Here is an example of content inserted in an email using a feed and this integration:


Here are the settings available for this add-on: Custom view: override the content inserted in your email Front-end access: this settings allows you let your users access to this add-on in the frontend campaign management or not (Joomla only)

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