Send your Sendgrid emails from Joomla or WordPress

First of all, to send emails you'll need an API key, from Sendgrid. Here is how you get it:

Log into your SendGrid account and go to the menu Settings -> API key

Create a new API key

Enter the name of the API key, select the full access one, and hit Create & View

And then you have it, make sure to copy it and save it, you won't be able to access it once you've clicked on the button done.

Once you've set the API key the other important thing to do is to properly set your from name and address. For that, you can go to your Sendgrig settings under Settings => Sender Authentication

If you don't have a sender already existing create a new one:

Once you've created it you'll have to set these information in AcyMailing

You can also check your credits remaining on AcyMailing without having to log into your SendGrid account by looking at the AcyMailing header:

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