Switching from Starter to a paid version

How to switch from your AcyMailing Starter edition to a paid version (Essential or Enterprise).

As you may notice you can't easily update from an AcyMailing Starter version to a paid version on WordPress. But don't worry this easy tutorial explains how to switch versions.

Download your paid plugin

First of all you have to download the package of your plugin on our website, here is the documentation.

Uninstall AcyMailing Starter

Secondly you have to uninstall AcyMailing Starter from your website, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the menu Plugins -> Installed plugins

  2. Search for AcyMailing then deactivate it.

  3. Now that the plugin is deactivated click on delete. Your data isn't removed when the plugin is deleted.

Install your paid version

Now that AcyMailing Starter is no longer on your website you can install the paid version you've previously downloaded from our website. Here is the documentation to install it.


Switching to another AcyMailing edition is quite easy in Joomla, just install the new version over the previous one. You don't need to uninstall your previous AcyMailing version.