Data collection

Configure what data will be managed by AcyMailing on WordPress and Joomla regarding users privacy.


In regards to the GDPR, you can allow your users to download all their data from the profile page / widget on the front-end of your site.


You can track the clicks in your emails with AcyMailing, and/or Google analytics.

You can also choose if AcyMailing should also collect data on clicks for links not leading to your own website or only internal ones.

Example of an external link:

Data management

This parameter allows you to manage the user that you store by deleting it after a period of your choice. By default, this parameter is disabled in AcyMailing so you won't have any data deleted by mistake. This deletion is made every day on the cron job.

Note that if you delete these data you won't be able to access them in any way.

User data management

This option will allow you to log every change of any user and export it in a CSV file.

For example in this screenshot every time a user value changes it will export a CSV with his current name, email and language value, the date of the change, the column in the database that changed, the old value, the new value.

You can export the current or the previous month, we delete all files that are more than 2 months old.

If you change the fields to export during a month a new file will be created and when you'll export you'll have a zip of all the files.

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