Integration with AcyMailing to add several features

Dynamic Text

When this plugin is activated you can add user custom field value in your emails. To do it you will have to open the dynamic text popup and then you can find a new tab MemberPress:

You can find all of your MemberPress custom fields here, on the right you have their name and on the left, it's the type of the custom field. To insert them you just have to click on one of them and then click on the button insert.

Note that if the user doesn't have a value set for the custom field that you choose the default value of the custom field will be displayed.



With this integration, you have a new trigger available: when a user completes a transaction to subscribe to a membership. By default, it will be trigger on all memberships but you can choose a specific membership with the dropdown.


You will also have a new condition/filter available in your automations. With this one, you can filter all users if they are or not subscribe to a membership on MemberPress.


  • In/Not In: if a subscription the membership exists or not

  • Any membership: specify the member if you want

  • Activate of deactivate: if the subscription is active or not (in the MemberPress subscription listing)

  • Any status: the current status of the subscription in MemberPress

  • Subscription date: the date when the subscription to the membership started

  • End date: the date when the subscription to the membership ended or will end

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