Email overrides

Why override the emails?

The emails sent by your website can be very basic, with this feature you can replace them by a better version that will be more engaging for your users.

What emails can I override?

We took most of the emails that can be sent by your website, such as the account confirmation email, reset password/remind username, notifications sent to the admin, etc...

We will add the possibility to override emails from other extensions in the future, let us know what you would like us to add 🙂

How does it work?

On Joomla the plugin "AcyMailing - Override Joomla emails" must be installed and active. If you don't see it on your site try re-installing AcyMailing.

On this listing, edit one of the overrides to change its content, then activate it.

Note that the same Joomla email can have multiple overrides depending on your site configuration, for example the Account details email has 6 variations.

If you did something wrong with an override, you can either reset it to the default version by checking its checkbox then selecting the "Reset" action, or click the "Reset email overrides" button to reset all overrides.


As an example, you could replace the default registration email of your website by an html email. Here is an example for Joomla, but for WordPress it's just the same:

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