This page lets you add the

  • Name: The name of the follow-up, only visible to you on the follow-ups listing

  • Display name: The name of the follow-up shown to the user when managing subscriptions and on the unsubscribe page

  • Active: If the follow-up is active or not

  • Send once: If you want each user to be able to trigger this follow-up campaign only once

On the emails listing you'll be able to edit/duplicate/delete the ones you already added.

This listing is sorted by the sending delay (see below).

Adding a follow-up email

The option Send this email lets you choose when the email will be sent. You can for example decide to send it 3 days after the follow-up campaign is triggered.

Each email you add to the follow-up campaign can have a different delay, for example when someone purchases a product:

  • a first email will be sent directly to thank the user for the purchase

  • a second email will be sent 3 days later to give the user a 10% coupon code

  • a third email will be sent one month later to ask for a review of the purchased product(s)d

Add a new email to an existing follow-up

If you already have a follow-up created and you want to add a new email, you can add this email in the queue for all users already subscribed to the follow-up. When you finished to create the new email, you have a notification with a link, you just have to click on it:

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