Step by step guide

A step by step tutorial to help you understand how AcyMailing works.

Download and install AcyMailing - Newsletter Plugin for Joomla & WordPress

First, as your might know, you should download AcyMailing from our website.

First email

Once you'll installed AcyMailing 6 and run the script migration if you have wanted, you should see this page:

This first step will help you to use our drag and drop editor, for more information here is the documentation for our editor.

List step

Once you've set up your fist email, you'll have to create your first list with your email address:

You can either add an email address via the button add new or remove one of them by clicking on the cross on the right of the list.

Sender settings

Now it's time to set your sender settings:

If you want more details about these parameters you can read our documentation on the mail settings here.

Mail sent

If you are testing acymailing in a local environnement you'll have a step asking for your gmail information to send the email.

Once the email has been sent the next step will ask you if you receive the email:

You didn't receive the email

If you didn't receive the email the next step will ask for our gmail login, this way the email will be sent via your gmail account:

Note that you can also contact us if you click on Contact me.

Mail sent

Once again you will have the step to ask you if you receive the email, if not, an email will be sent to our support and we will help you ASAP.

If everything went fine the walk through will finish on that step:

You can either go create your first subscription form or directly import users.

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