Create Custom Field
Create your first AcyMailing custom fields
After you've click on Create in the listing you'll see this page.
As you can see several actions new options that you can set on the right:
    Backend edition: Show the field on the backend edition
    Backend listing: Show the field on the backend listing
    Frontend edition (Joomla! only): Show the field on the frontend edition
    Frontend listing (Joomla! only): Show the field on the frontend listing
But there is other information to fill, and the first one is the name of you custom field the only one required. All the information that you see after Editable on user modification will depend on the type of field you've choose.
Here are the different fields type:
    Single Dropdown
    Multiple Dropdown
    Custom Text


Gender fields

We will now add a Gender field as our goal is to include in our Newsletter "Hello Mr John..."
These are the information to fill:
    Field type: Single Dropdown
    We will make it a required field so if the user didn't select any value, an error message will be displayed
    We add a series of values
Note that you can drag and drop the values like in the listing.

Birthday field

We will create a birthday field so you can send an email on the birthday of your users
    The Field type to choose is Date
    We'll make it required to make sure to have this information to send birthday email.
    You can customize the format of your date field, for example %d%m%y will display 01/01/2019

Multilingual Site

If you activated the multilingual option in the AcyMailing configuration you will be able to translate every custom field name when it is displayed in the frontend.
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