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Create a page override

This article explains you how to override a view in AcyMailing. This is useful when you need to modify the structure of a page. If you simply want to hide some options, we highly recommend to use CSS or ACL instead.
If something isn't working on the overrided page after an update, remove your override and do it again to make it compatible with the new Acy version.
For Joomla 3, go in Extensions => Templates => Templates then select the Back-end or Front-end template depending on the page you want to override.
On this second page, click on the "Create Overrides" tab, then on "com_acym" then click on the view you want to override.
Once done a new folder will be created on your site, you will then be able to access it and modify those files via FTP to change the way AcyMailing is displayed.
On Joomla 4, go in System => Templates => Site/Administrator templates then follow the same steps:
To override a view in AcyMailing:
  1. 1.
    create the folder wp-content / uploads / acymailing / overrides /
  2. 2.
    Locate the page you want to change, for example the lists listing page, it would be wp-content / plugins / acymailing / back / lists / tmpl / listing.php
  3. 3.
    Copy this file into wp-content / uploads / acymailing / overrides / lists / listing.php then modify it to modify the way AcyMailing looks
Most of the AcyMailing views are split to make it easier to work with, for example the list's edition page has the following files:
There is no need to copy all the files, you can override only one of them if you want.