You can pull content directly from the Zoo extension and insert it in your emails with this add-on.

Insert Zoo data in an email

  • Content to insert: You can search on content names and select a specific type/category.

  • Display: Choose what to show inside your email. If you select the Teaser description/image and the content doesn't have one, it will take the main description/image instead.

  • Format: AcyMailing offers multiple default formats, for example the title, then the main picture and the description around it. Choose which one you prefer, or create your own one in the add-on's settings (it will require basic HTML knowledge).

  • Pictures: choose whether to display the pictures in the description. You can automatically resize them to a specific size. It does not hide the Main image since it has a dedicated option.

  • Clickable title: you can choose to add a link to the content page on its title.

  • Clickable image: you can choose to add a link to the content page on its main image.

  • Truncate the text: you can choose to limit the number of characters that will be displayed for the description.

  • Read more: A "Read more" link/button can be added below the inserted content that leads to the content's page

  • Custom view: You can edit the view of the listings that you insert

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