Unsplash integration

Easily search and insert any image with Unsplash in emails built with AcyMailing

What is Unsplash?

Unsplash allows you to search top quality images by keywords. These images are copyright free and can be used for most commercial uses. With AcyMailing, you can use it directly into your email editor to easily insert images and build your campaigns.

How to configure it?

You will need an app access key, so first create an account on unsplash.com then navigate to your apps section.

Create a new application:

Check all the boxes, accept the terms and name your application however you like.

Scroll down a bit then copy the Access Key of your application:

A basic application gives you the right to do up to 50 searches per hour, and if you pass your application in production mode, you will be able to search images up to 5000 times per hour.

Paste your access key in the AcyMailing configuration page, tab "Mail settings", section "Email editor":

Save the configuration and you should be able to use our integration.

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