Manage your subscribers' lists.

A list is a group of subscribers to whom you will be able to send emails. Grouping your users will help you manage them more easily to mass send emails, apply some actions on them..

You can see your lists and some basic information on them.

Search and sort

  • Search Area : this text input allows you to search lists.

  • Tags : with this input you can display lists with a particular tag.

  • Sort by : this one allow you to sort your lists according to the data: id, name, creation date, active.

  • Status : on the left, it will display only the lists with the selected status.


  • List: name of your list. Displayed when you can choose a list in the administration of AcyMailing or for the subscriber when subscribing.

  • Users: number of subscribed users to the list. The first number indicates the confirmed users subscribed whereas the number under parenthesis is the number of subscribed user who haven't confirmed their address yet.

  • Active: status of your list. Disabled list can't be used and users can"t subscribe to it.

  • Visible: If your list is not visible user in front-end can't see it.

  • ID: id of your list. It can be used in subscription form or subscription via URL.


Select one or several lists to be able to enable, disable or delete them.