Special mails

This section is dedicated to special mails that will be sent on some specific actions / events (AcyMailing commercial version required)


In the mail listing, use the create button to create a new mail and choose one of the available special mails. After creation, these mails will be displayed in specific tabs of the mail listing.


You can send an email for the user's birthday.

In the "Send settings" part of your email, you can choose the delay before or after the birthday to send the email.

The birthday field can be chosen within the AcyMailing custom fields type date.

Each day, at the time specified in the AcyMailing configuration (daily tasks), AcyMailing will check if there are users meeting the conditions to send them the email.


You can send an email to users that have created an order some time ago and this order is on a specific status.

This is only available on WordPress and needs to have the AcyMailing integration for WooCommerce plugin enabled. See more details here.

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