Brevo / Sendinblue (Legacy)

All the steps to follow to configure Brevo / sendinblue with WordPress or Joomla

First you need to download AcyMailing from our website.

Once done, select Brevo (Legacy) in the first tab of the configuration:


Then to send emails you'll need an API key from Sendinblue. Here is how you get it:

Log into your Sendinblue account and go to SMTP & API menu:

Once you're on this listing, you can either copy an existing API key or create a new one by clicking on the create button and set a name for it:

Now you can simply copy the API key into the AcyMailing configuration.

Sender Information

You'll need one more thing to send emails from AcyMailing: set the sender information. To do that you'll have to create a new sender into your Sendinblue account. Go to the menu Sender & IP on the top-right menu:

If you don't already have a Sender set you'll have to create a new one by clicking on Sender then add a new sender, set the name, email and save it:

Once you've set this information you'll have to set them into the AcyMailing configuration under the tab mail settings:

Additional information

When you link your Sendinblue account with AcyMailing there are 2 kinds of email: transactional and marketing emails.

Marketing emails

Marketing emails are the campaigns you send in AcyMailing, classical, scheduled, and automatic. When you create a campaign of one of these types the sending process will not be exactly like every other sending method in AcyMailing.


As Sendinblue doesn't allow us to send campaigns directly via their API, we have to add all your users to Sendinblue, so when you change your sending method to Sendinblue the first thing to do is to synchronise your subscribers in the AcyMailing configuration:

Once it's done you don't have anything to do with your subscribers, each time a subscriber is created, modified, deleted, it will be done in Sendinblue.

Sending process

When you add an email to the queue, the email is not created in sendinblue right away. You have to process the whole queue before the campaign is created and sent on Sendinblue. For each email in AcyMailing we created in Sendinblue:

  • A new attribute to add the subject and an other for the content of the email to send

  • A new list in which we add the users

  • A new campaign that we send

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are emails triggered by subscribers actions, here are some examples:

  • Confirmation emails

  • Welcome emails

  • Unsubscribe emails

  • Follow-up emails

  • Admin notifications

Data deletion

As we duplicate subscribers, lists and campaigns we have added an option to clean the data in Sendinblue so you can keep a clean dashboard. By default, we erase all the data linked to campaigns sent 1 week ago, you can change that if you want.


If you are having trouble sending emails with our Sendinblue integration you can check if you have the button see the report in your AcyMailing configuration in the Mail Settings tab:

If you can't really fix the issue with the messages in the log file you can contact us.

Feel free to read our full article regarding the Sendinblue integration

My account needs validation

Sendinblue has a validation process to make sure you send good quality emails with their services. If your account needs to be validated, you can follow the steps listed by Sendinblue:

If you've followed these steps but your account takes quite some time to be validated, here's why:

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