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AcyMailing Sending Service

This page shows you how to configure our email sending method.

Get access to the sending service

To activate our sending method in AcyMailing, you will need to have a valid subscription that grants you sending credits every month. See your options here
Once you have your license, just enter your license key in the AcyMailing configuration and the sending method's options should be accessible.

Configure the sending method

You'll first need to make sure you entered an email address for the "From address" field in the configuration:
Then select the AcyMailing sending service method:
An option will show up letting you validate the domain you use to send emails. For example if you use [email protected] as From address, you will need to validate
When adding a new domain your domain will only be valid if you add the domain only, you can't add sub domains. Here are examples of valid domains:
Here are examples of not valid domains:
Once added, your domain will be added as pending:
To validate it, click the blue cogs on the right to show details, you will see a list of CNAME entries that need to be added to the DNS management part of your server:
Add these 3 DNS entries to your server then wait a bit before clicking the "Update domains statuses" button (it may take a few minutes to a few hours for the new DNS entries to be taken into account).

How to add the DNS entries on my server?

Each server has its own method, but we've found dedicated step by step guides prepared by the biggest hosting providers:
If your hosting provider isn't in this list, the common steps are as follows:
  • Log in to your hosting account
  • Go to either the DNS entries listing or your website management page
  • Click a button to add a DNS entry
  • Set the type as CNAME and enter the name/value of the entry
  • Save and repeat for the 3 entries


Entries still pending after several hours

Make sure that your CNAME is well added to your domain, you can check on this website For example you can take the first entries Name and search for it, here is an example:
If your DNS provider doesn't do it automatically you can remove the in the Name of the CNAME. So instead of adding:
  • Name:
  • Value:
You can add it like this:
  • Name: random-key._domainkey
  • Value:
If you CNAME is added but the value of it is instead of you can try to add the value with a dot at the end:
  • Name: random-key._domainkey
  • Value: