Contact Form 7
The AcyMailing add-on for Contact Form 7 enables you to insert AcyMailing lists in a Contact Form 7 form for your users to subscribe.

Add AcyMailing lists on your form

When editing a form in Contact Form 7, a new button will be displayed in their editor allowing you to add AcyMailling lists.
When you use this button a window will open for you to configure the subscription.
  • Field type: Should the field be a required one or not
  • Name: Required field for Contact Form 7. It is the name of the field you can use in the form and the sent email on submit
  • Email field to use: Which email field you have added to your form should be used when subscribing the user. Required to be able to subscribe a user to AcyMailing when submitting the form
  • Name of the field to use as user name: Which text field you have added to your form should be used as subscriber name when subscribing the user.
  • Displayed lists: Which list should be displayed on the form
  • Lists checked by default: Which displayed lists should be checked by default when the form is displayed
  • Automatically subscribe to: Lists that are not displayed but the users will be subscribed to them when submitting the form
  • Class attribute: CSS class to add on the block containing the lists so you can customize the style of your page.
The lists are now displayed on your form.
Last modified 9mo ago
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