Now we're are in the most interesting part of all the automations: the actions.

This tab is where you can do actions on your AcyMailing users.

In this example I will subscribe the user to the list gmail users and then send him an email. When you add an email in the queue you can create a new email or create one from an existing email. If you want to use an existing email you'll have to click on choose existing and this popup will appear:

Once you've clicked on one of the email you'll be redirected to the edition of it, so you can change its body and subject.

The input after the choose existing button allows you to set when you want to send the email. You can set either a dynamic date (2 hours after the trigger for example) or a precise date. Note that [time] is replaced by the current time when the automation is triggered. So letting it alone means that the email will be sent when the automation is triggered.

Note that when you choose an email by clicking on the button Choose existing it create a new email, it doesn't link it with the chosen template.

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