This page shows you how to migrate your data from AcyMailing 5 to the latest version
If it's the first time that you use the new AcyMailing version, and if you have a 5.9.X or higher version of AcyMailing installed on the website, you should see this page. You are able to import some data from the 5.9.X version into the new one. You can choose to import Configuration, Bounce Handling, Lists, Newsletters, Global statistics, Templates, custom fields and Users.
Keep in mind that the migration of the datas will overwrite the existant AcyMailing 6 datas.
Several process will be in background such as:
  • Users will be subscribed to your list (if you selected both)
  • Lists will be related to your newsletters (if you selected both)
  • Users will have their custom field values (if you selected both)
If you don't want to migrate your data, you can click on "No, I don't want to migrate my data"
Keep in mind that you can do it later, there is a button for that in the tab security of the configuration
Once you've checked the data you want to migrate click on the button migrate
You will see a progress bar indicates the data migrated, once a data is migrated a green check will appear on is right:
When the migration is done you'll have to click on the button Continue, it will redirect you on the walkthrough.
If an error occurred, a little red sign appear at the right of the element that causes the error. You can also see a brief error message.
Then, you have two choice : "Restart from error" or "Ignore errors and continue".
If you choose "Ignore errors and continue", the migration script will be abandonned and you will redirect to the walkthrough. The already migrated data, indicated by the green mark, won't be erased and will be present in AcyMailing 6.
By clicking on "Restart from error", the migration script will try to restart at the element that causes an error.
Do this action only if you can resolve the error displayed.
Last modified 10mo ago
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