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Shortcode (Wordpress)

Get new subscribers using a shortcode.
If you don't know what a shortcode is in WordPress, here is an article which explains it:
As you can see you have 3 different parts on the edition page:

Form information

  • Form name: The form name is only visible to you on the forms listing
  • Activated: If your form is activated or not
  • Shortcode: The shortcode you need to copy/paste to your page/post


The preview is where you can see what your form will look like on your website. It will update each time you make a modification!

Edition Menu Content

  • Automatically subscribe to: These lists will not be displayed in the form but the user will be subscribed to them.
  • Displayed lists: Lists displayed with a checkbox to let users choose to subscribe to them. If a list is already in the "Automatically subscribe to" option, it won't be displayed.
  • Lists checked by default: The lists checked by default out of the ones you selected in the "Displayed lists" option
  • Display the lists: If you want to display the lists before or after the user fields
  • Fields to display: Select all the fields you want to display in the form. With AcyMailing Enterprise you'll be able to select custom fields here.
  • Display the fields labels: If you want to show the label of the fields inside or outside of them
If you select articles here, a required checkbox will be added on the form. The text will adapt to selected articles and a link to the articles will be added.
  • Terms and conditions: The article related to the terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy: The privacy policy article
  • After subscription: In this option you can enter an URL to which the user will be redirected when they submit the subscription form
  • Confirmation message: With this option, you can customise the confirmation message when a user successfully subscribes

Edition Menu Style

In this part of menu you can change the style of you subscription form.