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Dashboard Quick icon

This Joomla plugin adds a quick icon on your site's dashboard to access AcyMailing with one click.


  • This is a Joomla plugin, install it on the page Extensions => Manage => Install
  • Go to the Upload Package File tab, and upload the downloaded package
  • Once installed, publish the plugin in Extensions => Plugins


When accessing the plugin's configuration page from Extensions => Plugins, you will see the following screen:
  • Group: The Joomla icon system groups the quick icons, by default the AcyMailing icon will be placed in the "Extensions" group but you can choose any of them.
  • Icon legend: This is the text displayed next to the icon. If you don't specify anything, the text "Newsletters" will be used


Here is what you should see on a Joomla 3 website once installing and publishing this plugin:
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