Amazon SES

Your WordPress/Joomla newsletters being sent using Amazon SES

Download AcyMailing to send your Newsletters

Best solution is to start by downloading AcyMailing from our website.

Create your Amazon SES settings

The first thing to do is to create an account on Amazon SES, you can do it by clicking on the Create one button or clicking on the link above. Once this is done Amazon will ask for you to activate it and then wait 24h until you can use it.

Note that if you create a new account Amazon will automatically enable your account as a test one and you'll have to verify all emails you want to send email to.

You can ask to Amazon to disable the sandbox for you to send mass emails.

Configure your Amazon SES account

Once your account has been validated, you can configure your SES service. In your Amazon console search for email in the search bar and choose Simple Email Service:

When you are in your SES dashboard you need to go to the SMTP settings:

From here you can already set a parameter in AcyMailing, you'll have to copy/paste the Server Name (surrounded above) into the AcyMailing Server Name:

Now you will need to create credentials to send email via the Amazon SMTP. To do that just click on Create My SMTP Credentials in the Amazon SES console and follow the instructions.

At the end of the create you will have the username and password info, don't forget to download them as they are only display once.

More details are available in this article if needed.

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