Universal filter

This add-on / plugin lets you filter your AcyMailing users based on any criteria you want in the automations, either with a simple database integration or by entering your own sql query.

Be careful with who you share access to AcyMailing with: the main goal of this extension is to give you a total access to the database to be able to build the integration you need.

Users matching an other database table

This first option lets you filter your AcyMailing users based on a data from an other table inside your database. For example, you can take all the AcyMailing users that have "John" in their full name:

  1. In the first field, select the database table (in this example it is the user account table in a Joomla website but you can use any table).

  2. For the second field, select either an email address column, or a column that contains a site account ID (so that AcyMailing can compare the data in the table you selected with its own users)

If you don't specify any condition in the third row, AcyMailing will take all its users that are referenced in the table you specified. You can also add a condition on a data from the table you specified like in the example above.

Users based on an advanced SQL query

If you need a more complex integration than the simple query filter, you can use the advanced one where you need to enter the entire query.

Here is a simple example where AcyMailing filters out its users having the word "admin" in their username in an external database.

Your query needs to return a list of email addresses, a list of site account IDs or a list of AcyMailing user IDs (select what it is in the first field).

If you need to run your sql query on your website's database, the four last fields are not needed.

Users extracted from a text

This one can be useful in a simple mass action instead of an automation, you can paste a text in your filter and AcyMailing will automatically locate the email addresses contained in it:

In this example, there are three email addresses in the text, and two of them are AcyMailing users.

Import from database

With this filter you can setup a periodic user import from database and apply actions to the imported users.

Only the source table name and the email column name are mandatory.

In this example, the AcySMS users with a first name starting by "admin" will be imported in AcyMailing (and the automation's actions will be applied to these users).

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