Let site users use AcyMailing

You can allow your site users to manage their own AcyMailing lists, users and campaigns

This feature is only available in our Enterprise version

For now, this is only available for Joomla websites as WordPress currently doesn't provide a way to have front-end pages in plugins

In some cases, you may want to allow users of a specific group to be able to manage their own users and send them emails, without seeing the users / emails of the other ones. For example, a school has a site with AcyMailing and each teacher can see their students and send them reminders on their homeworks, but they can't see students of other teachers.

To set it up, you will need to create some menus on your site, here are the 3 menus you'll need:

Note that the "Access" option below is important: AcyMailing will only check is the user is logged in, this is up to you to restrict the access of those three menus to a specific user group.

The menus don't have any additional options, once created they are ready to use 😉

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