Make sure your WordPress users subscribe to your website before sending them your newsletters.


  • Allow non logged in users : Do you allow simple visitors to subscribe to your Mailing Lists? If not, only logged in users will be able to subscribe.

  • Auto-generate User's name : When a user subscribes without entering his name (if you removed the name field from the subscription form for example), AcyMailing will automatically generate a name based on his e-mail address if this option is enabled.

  • Require Confirmation : Should the user click on a confirmation link before being considered as a subscriber? If you require a confirmation, you can edit the confirmation e-mail using the button "Edit email". US and Canadian users: You have to turn ON this option to be CAN-SPAM compliant.You can use a confirmation email per subscription form. European users: you should use this option too regarding the GDPR.

  • Redirection after confirmation: Do you want the user to be redirected to a specific page after confirming his email address. Set the URL of the page you want or leave empty to be redirected to the home page of your website.

  • Allow user data modifications without identification : When your users are not identified by the system, do you allow them to modify their subscription? If you select "No", then an identification message will be sent to the user with a link to enable him to modify his subscription. If you select "Only his subscription" then his subscription will be updated but not his personal data. If you select "Yes", the subscription and the data will be updated without extra identification.

  • Extra errors on incorrectly filled fields: a pictogram and an error message will be displayed in addition to the red colored field on incorrectly filled fields. See example:


You can decide to receive notifications when users perform specific actions such as confirming their subscription or unsubscribing from a list for example.

The notifications are not sent when the related action is done from the admin part of your site (when you create an AcyMailing user, you don't want to receive a notification for example).

The "When a user submits the subscription form" notification is sent when a user submits an AcyMailing subscription form or the subscription module/widget, the AcyMailing profile menu/widget isn't affected.

When a user is created from the AcyMailing profile menu/widget, only the "When a new user is created" notification is sent and not the "When a user changes their profile" one.

Edit the notifications

The default notifications have a translated default text, but you can customize them as you want and add more information. When clicking an "Edit email" button, you'll end up on the following page:

This example is the notification sent when an AcyMailing user unsubscribes from one or more lists. The information inserted is dynamic, "Julia" for example is inserted using the shortcode {user:name}. The shortcode {user:lists} will insert the lists they chose to unsubscribe from.

You can show all the codes you can use in the notification by including {allshortcodes} in it then, with a dummy user, do the action related to this notification to receive it.

If you have the multilingual option activated you have this:

Unsubscribe page

If the first option is checked, when the user will click on the unsubscribe link he will be redirected on a page where it is possible to manage the subscriptions. If this option is unchecked the user will be automatically unsubscribed from the lists of the campaign.

If you activated the multilingual option in the configuration this page will be available in all the language of your website through a dropdown.

User integration

  • Create a user on site account creation: do you want an AcyMailing subscriber to be created when a new user account is created

  • Send a confirmation email in addition to the site account creation email: your site can send its own confirmation email on user creation. Enable this option if you want AcyMailing to handle the confirmation of its own users (new users will then receive two confirmation emails).

  • Delete the user on site account deletion: do you want the AcyMailing subscriber to be deleted when a site user is removed

  • Subscribe zone label: The label shown before the lists

  • Displayed lists: Lists displayed after the label with checkboxes so the user can opt-in. The lists in "Automatically subscribe to" won't be displayed

  • Lists checked by default: This will automatically check the selected lists if they are displayed

  • Automatically subscribe to: When the user is created, it will be subscribed to these lists

  • Display the lists after: Where do you want to display the lists in the form. If you select "custom", enter the "name" HTML attribute of the element you want to select (if you're unsure, don't try). For example it will be jform[email2] for this field:

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