Send settings

After having set the campaign content and chosen the receivers, you can now configure the sending information.


Sender information

Here you can set the sender name and email as well as the reply to that the receivers will see in their mail client. The reply to data will be used by mail clients if they reply to your campaign.

You can also add some email addresses as BCC (Blind Copy Carbon) if you want to send a copy of the campaign to specific email addresses. BCC addresses can't be seen by other receivers.

Note that the BCC is added on every email. So if you send the campaign to 1500 users, your BCC address will get 1500 emails in its mailbox!

Multilingual website

If you activated the multilingual option in the AcyMailing configuration you will be able to set sender information for each language of your campaign.

This option will override the sender information in your configuration.

When do you want your email to be sent?

You can choose to send you campaign as soon as you confirm it in the next step or at a specific date. If you want to schedule the sending, a new option will be displayed to let you choose the sending date. Click on it to open a time picker.

Only date in the future will be accepted!

A more complete description of the automatic option can be found here.

Additional settings

You'll find here the options needed for the "Scheduled" and "Automatic" sending time.

If you assign a language, links inserted in your email will open your website in this language (texts will use the correct translation). This option is only displayed on Joomla when the multilingual option is disabled.

You can also turn off the tracking if you don't want to track the campaign. By default the tracking is on.

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