Manage your templates

On your website, you probably installed a template so your content is always formatted the same way and respects some graphic rules. You can do the same thing for a Newsletter so once your own template is created, you will simply add some content in the main area of your template and you're done.

Search and Sort

  • Search Area : this text input allows you to search a template.

  • Tags : with this input you can display the templates with a particular tag (in the filter section).

  • Sort by : this one allows you to sort your templates by name or creation date

On this listing, you can edit a template by clicking on it, delete it by clicking the red bin, and download it by clicking the blue icon.

When hovering a template, you have the possibility to either delete it or duplicate it by clicking the red or blue buttons:

The deletion needs a confirmation, click again the trash can to confirm:

You can also mass delete or duplicate templates. Select several ones thanks to the checkboxes and then apply an action on them.