Joomla module insertion inside AcyMailing emails.

This add-on lets you insert simple Joomla modules in your emails. Keep in mind that most mail clients only handle basic elements so try to insert only modules with a static content.

For example, as of today most mail clients don't handle videos, forms, click actions, popups, iframes (web page inclusion boxes).

Your website's styling is also not included in the sent emails, so make sure the formatting of the inserted modules looks good. You can add custom style sheet in your campaign's dedicated option.

  • Content to insert: select the module you want to insert. You can filter them on their title, position and module identifier.

  • Language: choose the language in which the module should be shown. The Joomla multilingual plugin and module must be active for this option to take effect.


  • Front-end access: controls whether or not the module insertion capability is available when building a campaign from a front-end menu

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