Community Builder

This add-on allows you to filter on Community Builder user fields in he automations.

Add AcyMailing lists on CB registration form and profile page

This Community Builder plugin allows your users to subscribe to your lists during the registration, and manage their subscriptions on their profile page.

Install the plugin

You must install it as a CB plugin, this isn't a Joomla plugin


Once installed, configure and activate the plugin to see the lists subscriptions tab in the user profile.

Configure the plugin

  • Lists displayed on the registration form: The lists shown on the CB registration form, the non-visible lists can also be selected

  • Lists checked by default: This option only applies to the lists shown on the registration form

  • Lists displayed on the user profile view: The users will see these lists when editing their CB profile. The lists are checked by default when the user is already subscribed.

  • Lists displayed on the user profile in the back office: If you want to manage your users subscriptions directly from the admin part of your site

  • Update user subscription on registration: If the user registering already had an existing AcyMailing user, you can choose to keep the old subscription

  • Subscribe Caption: Text shown on the registration form next to the lists

  • CSS applied on the subscription tab: This CSS code may also be applied on the subscription section in the registration form

  • Intro Text: Text shown before the lists selection

  • Directly enable the user: An AcyMailing user is created when registering in CB. You can choose to activate this user directly regardless of the CB user status

Insert CB user information in your emails

This add-on allows you to personalize the emails you send to your users by inserting their personal data such as their name, avatar, confirmation status, etc... Here is the related dynamic text's insertion interface:

Filter users on their Community Builder fields

The filter will only be available if the Community Builder component is installed.

In the first dropdown you can select the field to use to filter.

The second allow you to choose how to compare the value (equal, like, greater than, lower than...).

The third one allow you to set the value to compare to.

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