Before sending your campaign, you can test it to know if it will be well received.

Run spam test

The spam test allows you to test your email in 3 ways : safe content, all links checked and spam score.

By clicking on the "Run spam test" button, these 3 tests will be launched. They can be paused at any time by clicking the red cross button.

Safe content

This test will check if your email contains some words that can be detected as spam by mailboxes, like "risk free" or "Urgent" etc ...

If the checker found some of those words, you can click on the red exclamation mark to have some details.

This test will check if all the URL links in the email body are reachable.

In the same way as safe content, if every links are reachable, a green check will appear. On the other hand, if some links are unreachable, clicking on the red exclamation mark will reveal them.

Spam score

This test is the most advanced one and is only available in the Enterprise version. It will test your email deeply and give you a total score. We think that a good email must have a score over 80%.

As this test is substantial, it can take longer than safe content or all links checked

No matter the score, you can have more details of what is good or less good by clicking on the "Details" button. A popup will appear with a lot of information about your email, to help you to improve it.

Send test mail

If you want to preview your email under real conditions, you can send a test email to email addresses of your choice.

By default, the email address of the connected user is selected. You can add other addresses or remove it. You just have to type the email addresses in the field and separated them by a space.

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