Show a profile edition form on your site

You can display a profile page on your site by creating a new menu item named "User profile":

Here are the available options:

  • Visible lists: Lists displayed on the profile edition form

  • Lists checked by default: If the user is connected, only the lists he is subscribed to will be checked. This option lets you check by default some of the displayed lists if the user isn't connected.

  • Lists in a dropdown: If you activate this option, the users will be able to select only one list

  • Automatically subscribe to: The lists selected here won't be shown on the profile page. When submitting the form, the user will be subscribed to these lists

  • Fields to display: You can display custom fields on the profile form if you created some

  • Intro text: Text displayed before the profile page

  • Post text: Text displayed after the profile page

Here is an example of profile page displayed on the default Joomla template:

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