Subscription forms

Build forms to let users subscribe to your contact lists

AcyMailing allows you to create several types of subscription forms so users can subscribe easily to your lists. Here are the types of forms you can create:

  • Via a module in Joomla

  • Via a widget in WordPress

  • Shortcode for WordPress

  • Form in a popup (only available in the Enterprise version)

  • Header (only available in the Enterprise version)

  • Footer (only available in the Enterprise version)


Search and Create

  • Search: Input text to search a specific form

  • Create: Button to create new forms


  • Name: Name of the form

  • Creation date: Date of when the form was created

  • Type: Type of the form

  • Shortcode: only visible for WP, the code to copy/paste in your pages/posts

  • Active: If the form is active, for example if the form is not active, it won't show up

  • ID: The ID of the form in the database

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