Brevo SMTP Relay

All the steps to follow to configure Brevo with WordPress or Joomla

First you need to download AcyMailing from our website.

Once done, select Brevo in the first tab of the configuration:

New SMTP Key

Then to send emails you'll need to create a new SMTP Key on brevo. Here is how you get it:

Log into your Brevo account and go to SMTP & API menu:

Once you're on this listing, you can either copy an existing API key or create a new one by clicking on the Generate a new SMTP key button and set a name for it:

Please copy you SMTP key it wont be show again.

AcyMailing Configuration

Now that you have setup you Brevo SMTP key, you need to set it in AcyMailing.

Go to the AcyMailing configuration under the tab Mail Settings and select Brevo as your sending method.

You have to field to set, the first one is the Brevo identifier, you can find it on your Brevo account under SMTP & API:

Then you can paste your SMTP Key generated above in the second field.

Handle users with hard bounce or unsubscribing from Brevo

Brevo withholds bounce messages, and since you must not try to send an email to someone that generated a hard bounce (email address does not exist for example) or to someone that unsubscribed on the Brevo side, you will need to create a webhook on your Brevo account.

This webhook will call AcyMailing to forward the information, so that AcyMailing takes it into account in the statistics and disables the user.

First go in the menu Transactional => Settings => Webhook:

Click on the "Add a new webhook" button to create your webhook, then select the triggers "Complaint", "Hard Bounce" and "Unsubscribed":

For the URL to call, it depends on the type of website you have.

For WordPress:


For Joomla:


In both cases, replace "MY.SITE" by your site URL and "XXXXXXXXXXXXX" by the security key stored in the "Security" tab of the AcyMailing configuration page:

Once created, the webhook will be used by Brevo whenever a user must be disabled in AcyMailing. You can see how many times the webhook has been triggered on the webhooks listing.

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