Business Directory

The AcyMailing add-on for Business Directory enables you to insert listings inside your emails, either individually or by category.

Insert Business Directory data in an email

  • Content to insert: The shown listings are order by ID or creation date, descending. You can search on listing names and select a specific category.

  • Display: You can choose which element of your listings you want to insert.

  • Format: AcyMailing offers multiple default formats, for example the title, then the main picture and the description around it. Choose which one you prefer, or create your own one in the add-on's settings (it will require basic HTML knowledge).

  • Custom fields: Select the custom fields that will be shown below the inserted listings. They follow the Business Directory fields' ordering.

  • Pictures: choose whether to display the pictures. You can automatically resize them to a specific size. It does not hide the Featured image since it has a dedicated option.

  • Clickable title: you can choose to add a link to the listing on its title.

  • Clickable image: you can choose to add a link to the listing on its featured image.

  • Truncate the text: you can choose to limit the number of characters that will be displayed for the description.

  • Custom view: You can edit the view of the listings that you insert

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