Sending campaigns is the main point of using AcyMailing. With this documentation you will know all you need to know to create, send and manage your campaigns.

A campaign is an e-mail that AcyMailing will send to one or several mailing lists at a fixed date.


You can see here all your campaigns with some information. You can also manage them.

There are several status for a campaign:

  • On creation it will have a draft status, till you enable the sending.

  • If you schedule the newsletter in the future, then a schedule status with the sending date will be displayed.

  • Finally, once it has been sent, the sent status will be applied with the number of receivers.

Search and sort

  • Search Area : this text input allows you to search a campaign.

  • Tags : with this input you can display the campaign with a particular tag.

  • Sort by : this one allows you to sort your campaigns by id, name, sending date, creation date, draft, active, scheduled, sent.

  • Status : just below the Sort by the status display only the campaigns with the selected status.

Column headers

  • Checkbox : Check this box to select one or more items. To select all items, check the box in the column heading. After one or more boxes are checked, you will be able to duplicate or delete the selected campaigns.

  • Campaigns : The name of the campaign and below when the campaign is sent the sending date. Clicking on the name will allow you to edit it.

  • Lists : All the lists which the campaign will be sent to, if you hover them you will see the name of the list.

  • Status : The current status of the campaign between the 3 available status (draft, scheduled, sent).

  • Open : The rate of users who opened this campaign.

  • Click : The rate of users who clicked on a link on this campaign.

  • ID : The id of the campaign.

Create a new campaign

Using the "Create new campaign" button, you can create a new one.

It will ask you to choose the template you want to use for your campaign. This step is automatically displayed when creating a campaign or if you manually click on the "Choose template" tab when editing an existing campaign. Note that choosing a template will replace the current content of a campaign.

You can search a template with the search input or display templates with a particular tag.

Choosing a template will automatically select the editor. If you select a template created with the drag and drop editor, then it will use this editor. You can recognize these templates thanks to the "AcyEditor" text displayed on them: blue footer on the template image. If you select a standard template, then the default editor of your website will be used.

You can also create a campaign with an empty template with the button Start from empty template. In this case the drag and drop editor will be used.