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Subscription via Community Builder

The AcyMailing plugin for Community Builder enables you to let users subscribe to your mailing lists from the CB registration page and their profile edition page.

Download the plugin
  • This is a Community Builder plugin, install it on the page Components => Community Builder => Plugin Management by clicking the "Install CB Plugin" button at the top-left of the page.
  • Go to the Upload Package File tab, and upload the downloaded package
  • Once installed, publish the plugin at the bottom of the listing
  • In Components => Community Builder => Tab Management, make sure the Mailing lists tab is published, you may want to rename it.


When clicking on the plugin's name, you can access its configuration page. Click on the Parameters tab.
  • Lists displayed on the registration form: Users will be able to subscribe to the selected lists from the website's registration page. Make sure the lists you select are active
  • Lists displayed on the user profile view: The users will see these lists on their profile page, and they will be able to subscribe / unsubscribe to/from them
  • Lists displayed on the user profile in the back office: Same option as the previous one, but for you only, when you edit a user in the administration part of your website
  • Lists checked by default: This option is only applied for the lists displayed on the registration form. The lists displayed on the profile are checked based on the real user subscription
  • Update user subscription on registration: For example an AcyMailing user exists and is subscribed to the "list 1", then someone creates an account using the same email address and checks the "list 2" but not the "list 1". If this option is activated, the AcyMailing user will be unsubscribed from the "list 1".
  • Subscribe caption: On the registration page this is the name of the list subscription part
  • CSS applied on the subscription tab: This is the basic CSS added on the lists selection zones, you can customize it as you want to integrate it with your site's template for example
  • Intro text: If you add some text here, it will be displayed on the user profile page
  • Directly enable the user: When creating an account from Community Builder, the user isn't directly enabled (an email is sent to confirm the address), you can choose to directly activate the AcyMailing user that is created upon CB user creation without waiting for the activation


Here is the registration page with 3 lists displayed and 2 of them checked by default:
The user profile page will have a new tab to see the lists he is subscribed to:
When editing the profile page, the user can subscribe / unsubscribe from the lists you chose to display: