Custom add-on

This page guides you into developing your own add-on to insert content in your emails

Create an AcyMailing add-on/plugin to insert content in your emails

Here is an example of AcyMailing plugin you can download, it is fully commented and meant to explain every part of the code. When developing a new add-on, you could also copy an existing one and just change the SQL queries/names in it if you find it easier.

Don't forget to replace any reference of "example" by your plugin's name, for example "myplugin".

You can upload the folder of your plugin in: administrator / components / com_acym / dynamics /

Once your custom add-on is installed in the correct folder, insert a new line in the table xxxx_acym_plugin with folder_name = the add-on's folder name, active = 1, type = ADDON.

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