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Here you can set the main information of your campaign.
In AcyMailing Essential or higher, you can activate the multilingual option to make multiple versions of your emails:
Once you finished to create your email for the default language, you can click on one of the flags to create a translation, although you can use a totally different content if you want.
If you click on "Copy content from default", the subject, preview line and content will be pre-filled with the ones of the default language. You can also start from scratch if you prefer. Or the last solution, you can start from a template that you've made.
If you want to remove a translation you've made, you can click on the reset button on the right like in the above screenshot.


  • Campaign name: The name of the campaign, only visible to you on listings
  • Tags: You can add tags to your campaign. The tags are here to help you find campaigns on the listing, for example you can have a tag marketing and a tag news.
  • Email subject: The subject of your mail, visible for recipients and visitors of the archive section if you created one.
  • Email preview line: A short text displayed next to the subject of your emails in the recipient's inbox listing (only for some mailboxes, like Gmail)
  • Visible: If you want to display or not the campaign in the archive listing
  • Attachments: In this area you can select one or several attachment. Click on the "Select" button to add an attachment.
It will open this popup with the list of the files you uploaded, click on a file to attach it to your campaign.

Edit email

The edition of the email is the same as the edition of the template. Click on the "Edit email" button and you will have access to the same features.